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Nick story

I came across tantra when it started to loose all the colors in my life, I lost joy and happiness, things that used to make me happy became boring and not interesting anymore. Tantra helped me to discover my trueself from an amazing side, where my ego lost all its importance and strength, and I met with my soul and my true Shiva.

I have read many books and material before I started practicing tantra. I have watched lots of videos and took classes, I wanted to understand exactly what it is and will it really help me. I slowly started practicing meditations, breathwork, started eating healthy food and changed my lifestyle completely. So it did help me.

Tantra tought me to live life one hundred percent every day with love, joy and happiness, it helped me to connect with my Higher Self, with my loved ones and the whole world. I started to love my life, be grateful, more relaxed and focused.

I can guarantee you that there is a light at the end of the darkness, you just have to see it, and I can help you through my practices. In my opinion, for men, this is no less important and necessary than for women.

Tanya story

Tantra for me is a spiritual practice of merging with my soul, with my truth and the divine principle. I use the knowledge of tantra in everyday life, and only this knowledge helped Nick and I to go through the most difficult stages in our life and our marriage.

I found the strongest and deepest meaning when I lost my mother, unborn baby and when our marriage has reached a dead end with no other way out, but how to end everything and get a divorce. Even with such a difficult decision, we understood that this was not a way out of the situation, there was a greater reason why we have met and why our daughters chose us at a certain period of our life.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation for more then 8 years and at the most difficult time of my life, only spiritual practices could keep me alive. I accepted in myself all the pain that I brought, I forgave myself and Nick for all the mistakes we made, and thanked for all the painful lessons we had to learn.

The road to this knowledge can take various even opposite paths, including isolation from everyone or intimacy with your partner. By looking for the divine in another, you can discover it in yourself.

I promise you, that by connecting with yourself, with your inner Goddess, by awakening your true sexual energy, you will start feeling your body, hearing your true desires, you will open up your heart and accept this beautiful life without judgement, just with pure love and light, and radiate it to the surroundings.

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